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mediocre two-term president. >> bill: president obama addresses the nation tonight. it's likely to be boring. as just about every state of the union address has been. however, we will liven things up up. >> sorry. >> bill: by giving the president a report card for his first year. >> are you going to call fox news and ask them if they are going to cover this story the way the last one went. >> i actually don't speak to fox. >> i know you don't. >> the acorn people gloating today as the man who helped bring them down is arrested in new orleans. we'll tell you what happened. >> we think we see a cool detente going on here. >> dennis miller on the state of the union and some nasty infighting among democrats. >> i think this is cracktoa. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the
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the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'll bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the media revolution in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. things are changing quickly in the u right. tonight, president obama may reflect that in his state of the union address. simply put, the president's liberal policies have hurt him. as talking points predicted, there will be no public option in any health care reform bill. there will be no cap and trade legislation. and the president's war on terror strategy is now under fire by big-time democrats. senators jim webb from virginia and blanche lincoln in arkansas have sent scorching letters telling him to move khalid sheikh mohammed back to military supervision. if you don't believe the country is moving away from liberalism? listen to this. last week fox news channel was the highest rated cable network
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in america. beating all the cable network channels. sorry sponge bob and hannah montana. millions turned to us to provide an adequate message on the massachusetts vote count because they know we will report honestly without tilting to the left. in addition, the democratic firm public policy polling is out with a brand new study that asks americans which tv news organizations they trust. ready for this? 49% of measures, half the country trust the fox news channel. just 31% of americans trust abc news, 35 trust nbc. 32% trust cbs news. that's a rout. by a huge majority americans believe fox news channel is the most honest tv purveyor in the country. want more? 64% of the americans believe the president is doing a fair or poor job of watching the obama
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administration. again, that goes to liberal bias. it's not that fnc's hard news coverage is unfair to president obama. it isn't. rereport accurately what the president says and does. on this opinion program we try to give the president a fair shake and back up our criticisms with facts. but we are in the tank for no one. now, last week, while cnn and msnbc cut short senator elect scott brown's remarks in massachusetts, we ran speeches by brown and martha coakley in their entirety. another example of fairness. so it's all over. it's all over. fox news is now the most trusted tv news brand in america by far. on the political front, the folks gave president obama and his liberal policies a chance but now some frustration has set in with the huge spending and confusing health care bill and chaotic terror policies. there are big changes going on in the u.s.a. and as the country moves to the right, the president should take notice. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in political guy
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dick morris for the state of the union. morris is the purveyor of dick here he is do you think he will take notice, that president obama knows that the country is fairly rapidly moving away from liberalism, which it dabbled in for a little while, i think, after his election for a few months. the country is let's see how these liberal guys do. but now, bang, they are back to the right. >> i think he knows that i think his preferred remedy is not to come to the right. bash wall street. attack goldman sachs, even his administration and staff and pass out goodies for the middle class as well as he can even though that will ad to the deficit. i want to comment on your fox news news thing. 2008 election. they found that fox criticized mccain 39% of the time and obama 39% of the time. >> bill: sure. cnn credit sides mccain 56,
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obama 30, and msnbc criticized mccain 80% and obama 20. >> bill: okay. but everybody knows that who watches. anybody who watches knows. but the fact that half the country, half the country now trusts fnc and all the other establishment media, we who have been around a lot longer than we have, are way low 30's is, i think, stunning. and, remember, this was a democratic polling operation that took part mere. but, see president obama launched a war on fox news. remember that? we had some fun with that last fall. i think that helped us. >> that was responsible for the last million viewers. >> bill: right. when the american people -- not the kool-aid drinkers but the independents and people who don't come on why are they going after fnc? what do they have to hide? they came even more so we can say that the obama administration actually helped us. president obama gets out there tonight, he has got an hour.
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think back to when bill clinton was giving the state of the union and you were advising bill clinton there. you told clinton to do, what? >> to move to the center i wrote the era of big government is over. >> bill: you wrote that? >> which is what he said. >> bill: how long did it take to you come up with that? >> i don't know. >> bill: 10 seconds. >> however long it took to say it. and he talked about a conservative agenda, welfare reform. >> bill: but he didn't use. >> no. but there is a big difference. bill clinton could reposition himself because he could control his image. obamas is, as i have said at the very beginning, i remember saying this on our first show after obama come, it will be an outcome based presidency. it will be based on what the unemployment rate is, what the economy is doing. and whereas clinton could give a good state of the union speech and get a 10 point bounce and keep it for six months, obama
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gives a good speech, it will bounce one or two points and fall back in a week. >> bill: why can't obama do what clinton does? why can't he hold that favorability. >> because is he outcome based president. >> bill: why. >> we have huge problems with unemployment. as long as the unemployment rate is where it is and under employment rate is where it is and people are cared scared about heir jobs and loading them. >> bill: i think that is the main issue. the president, you can expect him tonight, people who watch, to put a happy face on it, things are getting better. here is what we are doing. we created, this we created that and to talk in general terms. but i don't know of any president ever can create jobs without basically paying people to work like f.d.r. did. >> well, yeah, he can he can get out of the way and cut taxes like reagan did. >> bill: like reagan. >> and bush did with the capital gains tax cut. the big reason for the boom. >> bill: do you expect president obama to do that.
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>> no. >> bill: why not? he knows it worked three times. the economy went back in the dumper and bounced back. took a while for reagan and then for clinton. then why wouldn't president obama say it worked three times in the last 20 years, maybe i will do it? >> well, before he bit the dust, charles gibson asked obama that question in the debate, presidential debate. and he said why would you raise the capital gains tax when you know it will reduce revenues and reduce the economy? obama said it's a question of fairness. people should not get special advantages if from income they get from investments as opposed from work. he is so structured by his big government -- >> bill: you feel that is will personally override the practicality to create jobs, the only way to do that outside of a massive government give away program, not give away but f.d.r. type we are going to hire you is to do that. >> i believe it is the only way, even counting the give away.
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the problem with the give away is that you have to borrow the money, forces up interest rates. forces up unemployment. >> bill: yeah, now we debated a couple weeks ago that he was going to move to the center. you said no, i said yes. comes out this week i'm freezing discretionary spending. we all know that's not a big deal. >> 3% of the deficit. >> bill: i told you he was going to try something. >> try. but i don't think he will, in any fundamental way, reverse the spending. the 3% freeze is more noteddable. >> bill: you may be right. >> what he is not freezing than what he is. >> bill: perception is relation. he wants people to think he is moving to the center. will he do that in the address tonight? >> sure he will. but the country is going to look and say center smenter? >> they are going to say smenter? are you guying going to say smenter? >> absolutely. show me the unemployment rate. say talk, talk, talk. show me. i think that since obama attacked the unemployment
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problem so vigorously with the stimulus package which the republicans correctly warned would be counter productive, it's now his recession. and people are saying just show me the money. just show me -- >> bill: bill trippi is up next. is he going to say it's bush's recession. you know he going to say that. >> you have to be increasingly an archaeologistr and deeper to find the art facts of the bush administration under years of obama. >> bill: taking a bet on whether everybody is going to say schmenter. as i said mr. trippi will respond. later, dennis miller has some thoughts about the state of the union and the super bowl. miller upcoming. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] it is, the most advanced automobile we have ever created. a car that can help awaken its driver if he begins to doze. keep him in his lane if he starts to wander. even stop itself... if he becomes distracted. if you want to see the future of the automobile, itself... if he becomes distracted.
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to its voluminous storage compartments. make it the hero to any family. ew! ew! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] the volkswagen routan with 0% apr and 3 years or 36,000 miles of care free maintenance. >> bill: continuing now with our lead story a preview of the state of the union address coming up at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. many joe trippi a democrat. so, say you are working for the president and you are going over the speech with him right now. i am sure they are rehearsing and going over the fine tuning of it you tell him this is the main point you have to make. you have to make this point tonight in an indelible fashion. what point would that be. >> come out against the washington establishment. come out for taxing the banks. for regulating banks. come out against wall street and the establishment in washington and new york. that's the mistakes he has made in the first year is that he came in with health care and it's the inside deal, the
8:14 pm
washington deal, the $100 million to nebraska, the louisiana purchase. all these deals that he had to cut to pass health care just made it look like he became part of washington. >> bill: that's interesting. so he has got to get back to change you can believe in and i'm a new guy and i'm not like them. >> absolutely. >> bill: in order to make that resonate with people who are watching, you have got to be very specific and you can't just be general. you have got to go in and you have got to say look, here is this, and i'm going to do that. you know, what do you make an example of. >> he is doing that with the freeze. you know, it may be a small part of the budget, but it's a signal to the american people that he is actually taking action immediately. >> bill: he has already done the freeze and both liberals and conservatives don't like it. i don't know about independents. >> but that's the point. he has got to do things that make people, particularly washington, oppose him. >> bill: give me a specific, joe. because if he starts talking general terms, everybody is
8:15 pm
going to collapse and watch nick at night. they are all going to go away. he has got to get some excitement into this. >> i agree with that but i don't agree about the specifics. i agree with something dick morris said. this is going to be, you know, it's the outcome that matters here. the speech is not going to matter that much. it's going to give him a bump, but it is outcome specifics that matter. >> bill: it's painful for me to watch these things. i don't know but. i don't want to see nancy pelosi jumping up and down 57 times. call me crazy. >> you are right. people will see all of that and it won't do much. it's that he is pivoting to the economy, pivoting to jobs. i know these are broad things, but it matters since he spent a year on health care. he has got to signal to the american people. >> bill: got to be successful. >> it matters and the question is i don't know if you can turn this by november in terms of helping democrats. >> bill: i don't know that, either. go ahead. >> can i just say, look, first
8:16 pm
of all, from your talking points memo, i'm glad to be part of fox news and be able to debate you on these issues. but we're going to debate this one all year long because i don't believe the country is moving to the right. i believe the country coming into 2008 was against washington, was against the usual ways that people do business in this town and what happened was the president came -- >> bill: answer me this. if you don't believe it's a move to the right. >> it's against washington. it's not an ideological thing. >> bill: the fox news channel doesn't have anything to do with washington. when you have 49% of the country trusting the most traditional of all the news operations on television, not the most conservative, but the most traditional. >> right, that's the point. >> bill: you don't see a movement there? come on. >> there is a movement. it's a movement for the truth. it's a movement against the status quo. it's a movement for real change. >> bill: it's a rejection of liberalism. that's what it. >> that's where we are going to disagree. this is a rejection of the status quo. it's a rejection of the
8:17 pm
people -- >> bill: i will tell you it's much broader than that it's a rejection of liberalism. the folks gave barack obama and his guys six months, okay? >> right. >> bill: it didn't work. they didn't understand health care. the terrorism thing is a mess. all this left wing business didn't work. now they are going, you know what? we don't want it. >> bill, they gave them six months and what they saw was a presidency that i think made a mistakes of going inside, trying to get 60 senators to pass. >> bill: he governed to the left, joe. you know he did. he governorred to the left, the hard left. >> he governed to the inside. >> bill: to the hard left. >> i think you are going to see a president that realizes that, goes to the outside and that the real thing that's going to happen in november is that the incumbents, i have been saying this for months, incouple bent in both parties, republican or democrat, are going to find themselves in trouble in november. >> bill: all right. >> because people are not. >> bill: i agree that people are fed up with both parties. i agree that people are fed up with both political parties.
8:18 pm
but i will tell you what they are fed up with the most, liberalism. it doesn't work. mr. tripy, as always. >> inside washington that they oppose. >> bill: all right. thank you. coming right back with a report card for the president after one year. and then, the guy who busted acorn is himself busted in new orleans. we will tell you what happened down there moments away. ♪ at the end of the day in sitka, alaska, everyone awaits the return of the fishing boats. ♪ their safe arrival is highly anticipated, ♪ as is something else. a shipment of natural sea salt from cargill, essential for preserving the catch. we deliver the salt on precise schedules... and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast; saving the fishermen money, and their catch. this is how cargill works with customers.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, a presidential report card after one year mr. obama's poll ratings are below 50% in most surveys but is that fair? joining us from los angeles matthew littman, former senior advisor to the obama campaign. from washington mark hall co-author of the big best seller "game change," which is number one on the "new york times" best seller list. overall grade for president obama in year one? >> overall grade is top because i think there are some things disastrous, saving the country from going. i give him a b. >> bill: so if you were a college -- if there were an average of all the grades, he would do a 3.0 out of 4.0 on the college grading system? that's what you are giving him? >> i think there is two things that bring his grade up. i think overall he has a lot of
8:22 pm
problems culminating with the loss in massachusetts race and health care going down and overreliance on the liberal leaders in congress of his own party. the two things that bring him up are, as i said, taking action to stabilize the economy that truly was on the edge of worldwide depression and, two, he has managed the country, appointed decent people in some cases excellent people. managing the process of the legislation. he has done that better than i think john mccain and mostly cloudy thought -- hillary clinton thought he would do. that's brought him up to a b but the trend is downward. >> bill: mr. littman what do you give him. >> i give him a b, b mine news. the minus. stabilization of the economy is the most important thing. health care has taken too long. while i give him a b minus now i think he is going to still fight for health care. if he gets it passed i give him b plus. >> bill: no way on earth get the health care passed as it is now.
8:23 pm
that's not going to happen. they don't have the votes and pelosi knows they don't have the votes. >> i don't agree with you, bill. >> bill: you are not disagreeing with me. you are disagreeing with nancy pelosi. >> i think that nancy pelosi was using a tactic. i don't believe that nancy pelosi -- i think she thinks this can actually pass the house. i do think that obama. >> bill: hold on. wait a minute. why would she embarrass the party by saying it can't. >> i don't think she is elmemba. i think she is using it as negotiating tactic in her own caucus. obama to come out very strong for health care reform. i don't think he has a choice. >> bill: i don't think he has a chance. >> she was using that in her own caucus because bun of the problems the white house has there is three-way feud in the party now. pelosi has to worry how much her members in the house resent the democrats and the white house. today she softened a little bit now. today she said they might have the votes to do it. i thought there was no chance 48 hours ago. enough to i think there is a chance. the reality for democrats if they can hold hands on this.
8:24 pm
they can move on from health care having failed or move on having succeeded and passed something. in the end they will see that's probably the right thing to do. >> bill: i don't see it because they will be voted out of office. poem don't like the bill. >> but that's -- go ahead, marc. >> well, that's been the risk they have taken all along. my hats off to them on one level. they have known for months that this health care bill was unpopular. >> bill: ram it down the throat of the nation and you might get it passed but you are not going to get elected. >> but they are not there. the good ones like obama are not there to win elections. they they're to change the country in the direction they want to move. obama ran on this. >> bill: it's up to the people in the house. i don't want to deal with health care tonight. let's wait and see what he says tonight about health care. if they get it through, it's not going to be a public option anyway but people are going to be mad. now, moving to the right, matthew. do you agree with me that they are moving or joe trippi? >> no. >> bill: you don't. >> i agree with joe trippi,
8:25 pm
actually. >> bill: you are both liberal democrats so why am i surprised? >> exactly. and where are you? >> bill: i'm in the middle. i'm kind of independent. >> okay. well, i like to think of myself as kind of in the middle too but a democrat. but i don't think the country is going to the right. unemployment is 10%. unemployment is at 10% no one in the country is going to be unpopular. if you are the president you are not going to be that unemployment. >> bill: high unemployment. people move away. they move away from bush and elected obama. they move to the left. now that he hasn't solved it they're moving back to the right again. >> that was a year ago. bush was supposedly a conservative. a country not conservative in a year? >> bill: they moved abuy from him because of the bad economy and a few other things but they moved away and they said, look, this guy didn't do the job, we are nervous, so we will give this new guy a chance but the new guy is not doing the job sthor going bang to the center right which is the country is historically is. am i wrong hall or what? >> he. >> no, i don't care about him.
8:26 pm
i care about the country. do you think the country is going to the right? >> i think it's where it has always been. slightly center right. he got elected by. >> bill: it came back. >> i don't think it came back. he got elected by not saying he was a liberal and the country endorsing licialgism. he got elected by running against clinton and then running against bush. >> bill: they all knew he was liberal. >> i'm not even sure he is liberal. >> and he says he got elected because he was going to change washington, bill. >> bill: and he didn't change washington. let me make fun of halperin for a minute. you are not even sure he is liberal, halperin? is there medical marijuana clinic in your neighborhood? what is going on? >> he seems to be interested in competence over ideology. i think is he appearing more liberal than he is inclined to be because he compares himself to nancy pelosi and harry reid. >> bill: khalid sheikh mohammed. i mean, allowing this guy to be
8:27 pm
tried in civilian court? you can't get any more liberal than that. >> we have allowed other terrorists to be tried in civilian court. >> bill, is it liberal to expand the war in afghanistan? is that liberal? >> bill: that's not a liberal deal and that's true but the drones and the afghan war are the only thing that he has done that hasn't been embraced by the liberal orthodoxy. gentlemen, thanks very much. very interesting discussion. we appreciate your time. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. the guy who busted acorn is arrested in new orleans for some kind of political inkreiger of some kind. we will sort that out for you. dennis miller has predictions for the state of the union and the super bowl. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. chloe is 9 months old.
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you have choices. ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. (announcer) if younot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bill: in the did you see that segment tonight, you may remember a guy names james o'keefe. he used undercover cameras to embarrass the far left organization acorn. the story was huge and acorn lost federal funding because some of the employees seemed to be aiding and abetting criminal activity. now mr. o'keefe himself has been arrested in new orleans for entering a federal building under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony. apparently from mr. o'keefe is doing something in mary landrieu's office. of course, acorn is thrilled about all of this. and their ceo showed up on a far left network where she was asked if she will try to get federal funding back. >> we were attacked by the fox news wall of noise. and so if this message can get through with the same vehement that we are attacked on and all
8:31 pm
of the media outlets shows james o'keefe for what he is, then i think you might be right. >> are you going to call fox news and ask them if they are going to cover this story the way they did the last one when it took place? i mean, they were all over it. >> i actually don't speak to fox. >> i know you don't. >> bill: of course she does speak to us. we had her on the program in an extensive interview. here now to analyze. what's going on with what were o'keefe and three other guys there doing in mary landrieu's office. >> we don't know yet. he admitted to authorities he had cell phone and videotaping in the reception area in mary landrieu's office. two guys come in dressed as telephone repair men. they i.d. themselves as such. they pick around with the phone, mess around with the phone and then they say can we see your telephone closet. they asked to produce their i.d. they can't. authorities come. a fourth young guy according to the associated press was arrested in a car outside the building down stairs with a listening device in that car.
8:32 pm
immediately it was reported that they were there to wiretap, to tap mary landrieu's phone. interestingly though, the "the washington post" is reporting there are no wiretap charges and supporters of o'keefe are saying it was merely a stunt. he was trying to do one of his undercover videos to show the people upset at landrieu for this health care bill that she cut. >> bill: the 300 million that went to louisiana. >> the louisiana purchase. that they haven't been able to get through on the phone lines. so his supporters are telling the post what they were doing, these young guys were just there to do a stunt to show we have got somebody calling in, nobody is picking up the phone. the phone lines ring busy. >> bill: look, we don't know what happened. >> we don't. >> bill: i want to be clear, the "the washington post" is reporting the reason these guys were there to document when you call mary landrieu's office to complain about her selling the state out or whatever, for her vote for health care, you couldn't get through? >> nobody -- >> >> bill: you were ignored, nobody would pick up the phone.
8:33 pm
that's why they were there. >> that's what's being reported. but, important to point out that the charges are not wiretapping. serious federal charges these four guys face, quarter-million-dollar fine and 10 years in prison potentially. >> bill: with terrorism and security and all of that, it's instain that these guys did this. okay. let's go to did you see that number two, peta has their own state of the union address only they call it the state of the union undress. go. >> at the health care debate rages in congress, we have urged americans to take matters into their own hands. with a healthy vegan diet. [ applause ] the health of our economy has also occupied america but peta has not allowed tough times to slow down our tough campaigns against companies like mcdonald's and kfc. while the deficit guys up, our fight for animals goes on. and when necessary, our shirts come off. [ applause ]
8:34 pm
>> that's the safe for work version. >> bill: did she take her shirt off? >> there is a not safe for work version. >> bill: i didn't see it. >> she takes it all off. you have to be 18 to enter their web site to see that. >> bill: after she gives this incredibly boring spiel, she takes her clothes off. >> yes, while she is giving it. >> bill: here is my question. >> okay. >> bill: does peta now undermine their message by being so crazy? i mean, are people not listening to them anymore because they expect some kind of exploitation? >> in this case they may not be listening. they may just be looking. you are asking if they are basically not effective. >> bill: has this kind of stuff lost all meaning? >> they are so effective that their name i.d. is incredibly high. everybody knows when they're talking about peta. >> they are no joke. they get celebrities and corporations to change their practices. martha stewart is one that said i traded messages and letters
8:35 pm
when i was in jail with one the peta officials. >> bill: i don't know how many people are vegans, i don't i don't know if it's an overwhelm number of people who says i'm not going to eat meat anymore i'm a vegan. i would like to see a poll on it i don't think it's changing anybody's eating habits. i think people are kinder to animals, i do. >> people change what clothes they are wearing. i will tell you that. >> bill: the fur thing. >> celebrities and clothing companies. fast food chains. change suppliers. >> bill: would you change these ads? >> i would have to think about that one. how about you? >> bill: i wouldn't have them. i would have more of a -- i think you can have fun but i don't think you want to be in that zone where people are thinking you are a bunch of idiots. i think you want to bring some credibility. if you really believe the diet and all of that is vital for americans, you want to have some credibility. >> be careful with that not safe for work video too. i'm glad you didn't work for it. >> bill: are you really glad for
8:36 pm
me. >> i want you to keep your job. >> bill: i'm looking at the state of the union address. i'm studying. this is what i'm doing all day long. dennis miller has plenty to talk about tonight about the state of the union fighting within the democratic party and the super bowl. miller is next.
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8:38 pm
>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller
8:39 pm
time segment tonight. let's go right to the stage of southern california for his suggestions as to how to liven up tonight's state of the union address. miller joins us now from l.a. okay. you know, this thing is painful. it's boring. it's always boring. it's not just obama, everybody. so you're in charge to liven it up tonight. what would you tell the president to do? >> well, i have a couple fantasy scenarios and then i will tell you what he is actually going to do, billie. i wish he would come up on them and he would be in camo delivering the state of the union from gitmo and say, listen, pelosi and reid flipped the red queen on me last year. i went insane. i thought we could talk to these animals. we can't. i'm resetting from here on in we are going to croak the bad guys again. that's scenario number one i would like to see. second, the guy who reads the please welcome the president thing just holds up a card and says i figure you all need a night off. i'm not going to come in tonight. make up your own speech. third, they turn the
8:40 pm
teleprompter around and let us see what he sees when he is up there. fourth, i think what he is going to say, and this is so ironic, i think he is going to say i'm going to stay the course. which is what they killed bush for. so it's going to be beautiful. >> bill: you don't think he is going to make any adjustments, political or ideological adjustments in what he has done the first year? >> see, i think he might. i think he might do a few mea culpas. >> he is going to start pronouncing health care jobs now because health care is radioactive right now. so we are going to hear jobs for a while. listen, it's going to be a great speech. it's going to be very eloquent. and at this point if the american populous got any better they would have to assign it a hurricane name. we know he can speak. he is just not too hot on governing so far. >> bill: he hasn't given any rousing speeches lately. and the spector of nancy pelosi popping up and down, remember we talked about this last year. up and down, up and down.
8:41 pm
i mean, are you looking forward to that? >> you know what it is, it is like she reminds me of like a jack in the box. you know, with -- twitchy or something. yeah. i can't watch her. i shut my one eye and i watch biden and i'm glad i'm not him. if obama really wanted to come out tonight, he could solve this all and say, listen, here is what is up. i figured out i'm in the way here. let me get out of the way. anybody within earshot of this, hire somebody tomorrow morning. we will make it worth your while. we are going to get out of the way. we are going to stop using the government as the middle man for jobs. you, small businesses, hire somebody tomorrow morning, we will give you a tax break and solve all this stuff. >> bill: i would like to hear specifics too, stuff like that. how many times do you think he is going to blame bush tonight? i'm taking a little lottery here. how many times do you think we have well we inherited this from that iidiot. what are we going to do? >> my feeling is when he comes up that aisle at the beginning, he will be wearing a sandwich board that says bush's fault. he will not even wait until he
8:42 pm
gets to the mike. >> bill: he will have the little board on him. [ laughter ] democratic infighting, do you believe that they are all going after each other in there and -- what do you think? >> this is going to be like preying man advertises crawling over each other in a mel man's jar. as far as dust-ups go this one will be mendez. blue blood will spill between pelosi and reid. pelosi is more unhinged than a double wide front door in the midst of a d.e.a. crystal meth bust. it is going to get really ugly over there when these people start climbing over each other to get off the sinking ship. >> bill: so you believe it? you think they are all at each other's throats? >> yeah. and i think it's going to get ugly. because they are good at it the dems have a war room for everything but war, billie. they have to realize they have to shift this around or they will fall in november like --
8:43 pm
>> bill: get in there pretty fast. you know, nancy pelosi today apparently said, yeah, i'm for the freeze in spending and we also should include the defense department. whoa, how crazy is this? >> let's hope somebody freezes her tonight so she is not bopping up and down like a piece of drift wood. >> bill: you know out where you live the university of california spends a lot 6 tax money. one of the things they did was they came up with a global warming villain. that is your lawn, miller. your lawn. okay? apparently miller's lawn is emoting emissions that is making the world hotter. leaf blowing, mowing your lawn, all of these things are killing the polar bears and you ought to be ashamed, miller. >> well, here is my feeling on this global warming thing, bill. if i can't jump into my gas guzzling bmw and drive down my huge driveway through my beautiful lawn and go down to
8:44 pm
the local chop house for a steak then i create a little greenhouse gas as i digest the steak, what in god's name is the sake of having a planet anyway if we can't do that? all right? so the earth better buck up and wear a cup because we're going to keep eating steaks. i'm going to keep growing my lawn. i'm going to keep driving the beamer and making greenhouse gas. >> bill: i want to see you putting around on your lawn and cutting the lawn with a little thing like that. there goes miller. super bowl miller, you are a sports guy. prediction? comments on the game? >> well, listen, when durrell thoughs -- he doesn't shut down reggie wane or the tight end down there when two kids named austin and pierre get 275 yards, that tells me that peyton manning is just an absolute freakin' genius, as much as i like the saints i don't know that you can stop peyton manning, is he unfreaking
8:45 pm
believable. i have one solid prediction though for the super bowl. and that is that jehmu greene will never watch the tim tebow ad because she can only make incisive comments on it. never ever watches it that's what passes for incite on the left now. off with the jeweller's loop off with the blinders. good job, jehmu. why don't you watch it before you trash it. >> bill: here is how good peyton manning is, miller. you could have had 150 yards if you were in the slot. that's how good that guy is. all right, dennis miller, everybody. i think indianapolis will wins a well. in a moment, we'll go to d.c. where our ace correspondents carl cameron and major garrett standing by with inside stuff about the address tonight. we'll be right back. 
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
>> bill: joining us from washington chief political correspondent carl cameron and major garrett. major, president nervous about this address now. do you think he is a little tense about it? >> not at all, bill. at least that's not what the white house says. now, clearly the president knows this is his last moment, probably for the remainder of this month and certainly for the spring, to reshape the politics facing his party and facing his presidency. his pole -- poll numbers are
8:49 pm
down. the president knows he will have to change the political environment. the inside scoop on the speech was they started working on it in november. the president looked at it in november and then came massachusetts. everything had to be recalibrated, why? because the president's health care legislation began to fall apart after that senate defeat in massachusetts. he had to do things more responsive to voter concerns about jobs and the deficit, which he is going to try to do tonight. will democrats go along with it. will republicans help? those are unanswered questions. that's how the speech has been recalibrated since last tuesday. >> bill: let's face it. these things are really dull, major, usually. we are paid to watch them. i don't know if i will get through it i have got the transcript. i will read the transcript. nancy pelosi jumping up and down ace said earlier in the program 15 times. i have got to take dram mean, this and that. it's usually a general thing. they don't get too specific because they don't want a gotcha. they don't want people like me going you can't do this. i'm wondering if speeches haven't been that great, let's
8:50 pm
be honest in the last six months or so, they were much better on the campaign trail. >> bill, think about it this way. this will be the first speech in six to seven months that's not going to be dominated by the theme of health care. that's a big shift. >> bill: he has got to address it though, right? >> yes. only in a general term. why? this is reality, bill. health care, at least as we knew it, is dead. >> bill: our guests just before you, our guests halperin and littman just before you said oh, that's not true, nancy pelosi is going to make a stunning comeback. you are telling me, gator, this is a bunch of bull, that it's dead, it's out, it's gone? >> no, no. let me finish, bill. health care was eknew it is dead. it will only take shape after congress deals with the jobs package which will probably take all the month of february, if not longer. health care for a while is on the back burner. >> bill: i agree with you, garrett. okay, now, let's go to cameron.
8:51 pm
politico web site says there is all kinds of fear and loathing with apologies to hunter thompson inside the democratic party that rahm emanuel isn't like this one and the liberals don't like this and this and that. is this true? is there really some vicious infighting going on? >> i mean, i don't know how vicious it is but there is a lot of democratic infighting. there always is and it's worse than normal now. just this afternoon, bill, a spectacular illustration of how divided the democratic party is. house speaker nancy pelosi this afternoon said that she supports the president's idea of a spending freeze or, more accurately, if she is going to support it, then it audited to be applied even to the department of defense. the photographic particular call effect of that is to take the spending fiscal frugal at this and apply it to something that the president is never going to go for and even republicans think is a really, really crazy idea for the democrats to be
8:52 pm
proposing at this time. so the house speaker, nancy pelosi, hours before the president's state of the union speech, actually gets in his face about his plan to reduce some of the spending. >> bill: you are telling me that she wants to freeze spending on defense? that's what she wants to do. >> yes. it's an amazing thing to have happened hours before this speech. >> bill: devise a nuclear weapon we may have to face them, she wants to freeze spending? this is what i mean, how can any american support stuff like this. this stuff is insane. this stuff is nuts. >> it is at the very least, bill, an illustration of the fractiousness of the democratic party. >> bill: i need to you tell me the truth, cameron. do you think that president obama loathes, pelosi? >> i think democrats are filled with love and tremendous fear this year, bill. here is why. you and i talked about this, man, their d.n.a. changed when
8:53 pm
the january 1st call tar page changed. it's election year. now it's all about their own reelection. north the president's agenda. >> bill: garrett, i don't think the president likes nancy pelosi. >> bill, here is the reality though. think about this. when the white house tries to ask itself who has done more for its agenda, it's not senate democrats. it's house democrats. house democrats started the ball rolling on the stimulus, whether you like it or not they got the ball rolling on that. they passed health care, they passed banking regulations, they passed the jobs bill. house democrats are furious at senate democrats because they say everything they have done on behalf of the obama agenda has gone there to die. one of the things the president is going to do tonight to say to senate republicans you won massachusetts you have your 41st vote, that gives you buy-in now. you have to decide if you are going to help me get some of my ageneral do -- agenda through. that's the next --
8:54 pm
>> bill: that's a good point about the house. i just think that -- i think obama is true enough to know that every time nancy gets out there. >> the senate democratic caucus even though it it had 60 votes. loathe the house democrats. the key point here bill is what democrats sitting there tonight will have to decide, after this speech, do i run with the obama agenda or do i begin to position myself if not against it at least skeptical of it to save my own hide. that's what this is about internally tonight. >> bill: gentlemen thanks very much we appreciate it and that is it for this special edition of the factor. state of the union as we said coming up in a few moments. as always, we would like to you check out bill o' where we have a very special promotion for you. buy a signed copy of bold fresh, get a free american patriot pen. wow, it doesn't get much better than that as always, we thank you for watching us tonight. now, let's hand it off to our pal bret baire standing by in washington.

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